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Tradies Insurance

Tradies Insurance

Insure Taranaki loves getting tradies the best insurance deal, giving easy to understand advice and shouting the beers after the meeting is done.

Regardless of whether you’re a:

  • Sub Contractor

  • Business Owner

  • Employee


There are numerous companies and products out there to offer you protection. Even better, Insure Taranaki will give you the right support and deal with the insurance companies so you can stay focused on the job at hand!

Depending on your situation you may consider some or all of the below products:

Material Damage: Does your business have a workshop, office, storeroom? If so, we need to set up a material damage policy to cover your building, plant and equipment and stock. This provides cover at your specified address and Insure Taranaki can negotiate wide covers and sharp rates with your insurer.

Business Interruption: Additional increased costs of working cover can help with those additional costs you incur after a physical loss to your premises.

Tools/Stock Anywhere in NZ: You work all over the show, so you need your insurance cover to extend to cover your gear anywhere whilst anywhere in New Zealand. It’s important the insurance company provides full replacement on your tools regardless of age and includes theft in the open air. Numerous different excesses are typically applied depending on the type of loss suffered, Insure Taranaki can also assess reduced cell phone excesses of $250 making claims on your smartphones more worthwhile.


Statutory Liability: Covers you for fines, reparations and defence costs for accidental breaches of the statute for insured acts. Not all potential fines are covered though, for example, insurance companies are legislated against providing fine protection for breaches of the health and safety act, although the policy can cover your legal bills and reparations awarded to victims.

Tradies Tools
Tradies Gloves
Tradies Gloves

Employers Liability: If an employee holds you liable for non-ACC covered injuries this policy can provide you with protection.

Directors and Officers Liability: Is your business turning over in excess of $1mil? If so, you may be getting to the size where there is more riding on your business. Directors of a company can be held personally liable for their decisions made whilst running the business. Insure Taranaki’s large construction company clients tend to take this cover to protect the Directors from claims made against them.

Contract Works: If you’re the main contractor, depending on the contract conditions you may be responsible for insuring the contract. Insure Taranaki can organise an annual contract works policy to provide cover for all contracts you undertake through an annual period up to a maximum value per contact as nominated by you. The policy covers sudden and accidental loss to the works as specified in the contract.


LBP Professional Indemnity Insurance: This covers the costs of defending a complaint to the Building Practitioners Board, liability for damages from mistakes made in signing of the record of building work and for claims for compensation arising from the supervision and signing off of non-licensed builders. As LBP’s hold the licence in their personal name, cover becomes a major consideration. 

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