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Directors Insurance

Directors / Management Liability Insurance

If you have a small to medium-sized private company, you could be protected by a policy that covers claims from a wide range of management liabilities, such as; directors and officers liability, company reimbursement, company liability and employment practice liability.


Directors and officers have onerous responsibilities and can be held personally liable for breaches of their management duties. Directors and Officers Liability Insurance provides protection for the Directors and Officers of a company from legal action arising from third parties (including shareholders, creditors, liquidators or regulators) making claims against them.


Corporate liability provides cover for losses arising from securities claims brought against the/your company. Securities claims are actions brought by a security holder (eg. Shareholder or bondholder) for the violation of a securities law in connection with the purchase or sale of securities


A crime policy provides cover for the dishonest theft or forgery committed by an employee or third party


Consequential Loss policies provide cover for your financial loss that follows on from a General, Statutory or Employers liability claim.


Employment Practices Liability Employment Practices Liability provides cover for the costs involved with possible legal action brought by employees in the workplace for allegations such as discrimination, harassment or unfair dismissal.

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